March 23, 2022

Complete Range of Paper Products and Gifts Are Highlighted at the Princeton Paper Source


PERFECT PAPER PRODUCTS: “There is really something about coming into a store and actually seeing the items firsthand. Also, the staff can help with questions people may have and offer advice. It’s much more personal, and we enjoy talking with our customers and getting to know them.” Chelsea Muro, manager of the Paper Source, is shown near a display of many of the store’s popular products.

By Jean Stratton

Writing a note or letter, sending an invitation, or an important message via pen and paper is still the choice of many people today. Even in a time with a plethora of electronic communication devices, there is something special about this “vintage” style of connection.

Chelsea Muro can vouch for this — as manager of the Paper Source at 42 Witherspoon Street, she sees daily evidence of the ongoing popularity of paper products.

“Even in the digital age, people still want to write a note on paper. It is really more personal and meaningful that you took the time to do it. We have a full range of styles and companies for note cards and stationery, including Crane and Rifle Paper Co. The latter also offers jewelry, purses, and even wallpaper, all in wonderful designs. We also have our own exclusive Paper Source brand of cards, stationery, and invitations.”

Every Paper Product

And as she says, who wouldn’t enjoy receiving a remembrance on one of the beautifully designed cards or note paper from the Paper Source?

Customers will find every paper product for every need at this charming store. Office and school supplies, journals and notebooks, coloring books, stickers and sticker books, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, sidewalk chalk, and all kinds of party products, fabulous gift wrap, bags, and ribbon are all on display.

Shoppers have also been very happy to find an assortment of plain white gift boxes of all sizes. This is especially helpful since many stores no longer provide boxes for purchases.

In addition, an array of gifts and novelties are available. Colorful and intriguing, these are an ongoing attraction for customers.

“It’s like ‘eye candy’ here. All the paper products are wonderful, and I love this new location,” says Princeton resident Rosemary Leone, who is a regular customer. She also shopped at the store’s previous location on Nassau Street.

Great Location

“We moved to Witherspoon Street last September,” says Muro, “and we are very happy here. We want to make sure everyone knows about our new location because some people didn’t know we had moved.

“Witherspoon Street is a great location. We’re right across from the library, and we get a lot of walk-in traffic. Customers really like the store here. It’s nice and bright, and we have people coming in all the time. Some are people who didn’t realize we had moved, and are so glad to see that we are still here. One customer said she was so worried that we might have closed. We want everyone to know we are here to stay!

“A lot of customers are people from Princeton, but we also get many tourists. And families, parents of Princeton University students, all come in. It’s a big variety, including kids.”

Paper Source originally opened in Princeton in 2008, and is one of 120 Paper Source locations across the country. Headquartered in Chicago, it was founded more than 25 years ago, reports Muro, who has been with the company since 2013. She also manages the Summit Paper Source store.

While its strong focus on paper products is a big drawing point, the store’s array of many different kinds of gifts and novelties is an added dimension, offering a one-stop shopping opportunity.

Categories include beauty and wellness, books and balloons, candles and diffusers, drinkware, face masks, fashion and hair accessories — just for a start!

If you need a wine glass or wine bag, a coffee mug or cheese board, they are available. Games and puzzles, fun themed kaleidoscopes (animals and sea creatures), the popular Sugarfina candy in many intriguing designs — there is always something else around the corner to catch your eye.

New Craft

March is National Craft Month, and crafters will find just what they need at the shop. Kids’ Baking Kits and Easter Sunglasses Kits are fun to start the process, and all the design items, such as embossing powder, decorative stars, rubber stamp blocks, and so much more are on hand for do-it-yourselfers.

As the Paper Source mission statement points out, “At Paper Source, our goal is to inspire creativity, whether you are looking to take on a new craft, decorate for a party, or choose the perfect invitation or gift.”

“We are also getting ready for Easter and Mother’s Day,” reports Muro. “We have a special Easter section with plush bunnies, baskets, grass, stickers, including flower egg stickers, and a book, The Little Rabbit.”

The store’s book selection, with categories ranging from cookbooks to astronomy to “How to Write a Letter,” is about to expand, she adds. “I am looking forward to our new association with Barnes & Noble, which will take place in May. We will become a subsidiary, and then we will have even more books. This is very exciting.”

Eclectic Selection

Muro is very optimistic about the Paper Source’s future in Princeton, and looks forward to sharing the store’s wonderfully eclectic selection with customers.

“We are so lucky in many ways here. We have a great staff so willing to help customers, and many were with the store when we were on Nassau Street. We are very encouraged with the move. It’s fun to be in a new space — it’s like our own little adventure!”

A while ago, she points out, the adventure continued when the store was a stop on a birthday scavenger hunt. A gift with balloons was waiting for the birthday “star,” and it was a fun event for everyone.

Prices at the store cover a wide range, from $2 and up, and there are also selected items on sale. Gift cards are available, as is choice of gift wrapping, including gorgeous designs from all over the world, for a purchased product.

“I love being around all of these colorful items,” adds Muro. “There are always new things coming in, and it’s fun to see everything. There is always something exciting to look forward to, and I love sharing everything with all our customers.”

Paper Source is open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (609) 921-0932. Website: