January 12, 2022

Sharing Special Act of Generosity By Local Delizioso Bakery Staff

To the Editor:

The morning of New Year’s Eve, I thought I would walk over to my new neighborhood bakery, Delizioso, and grab some goodies for our celebration that night. My guide dog stopped to point out the public garbage can and, while we were stopped, I reached into my pocket and put on my mask. When I reached into my pocket again to pay for my purchases, I discovered that the money was gone. The daughter of the owner of the bakery generously offered to quickly retrace my steps to find my money, but it wasn’t there.

They insisted that I take my treats and we headed home. About an hour later, I discovered my $20 bill had gotten tucked up in my sweater, and of course we headed back to the bakery.

Their generosity was such a special way to end a seriously stressful year. May we all find ways to do a mitzvah in this new year for someone we don’t really know. And did I say their baked goods are absolutely Delizioso? 

Sue Tillett
Moore Street