January 12, 2022

Housing Initiatives of Princeton Thanks W-J Development Corporation for Donation

To the Editor:

Housing Initiatives of Princeton (HIP) would like to thank the Witherspoon-Jackson Development Corporation (WJDC) for their recent contribution of $5,500. This donation has allowed HIP to assist 20 households in Princeton’s W-J neighborhood to pay rent. WJCD’s generosity is an uplifting example of community partners pooling resources and working together during difficult times.

For those unfamiliar with our work, HIP helps low-income working families in our community avoid homelessness by providing transitional housing and emergency rental assistance. Our transitional housing program provides families with an affordable, temporary safe place to live coupled with emotional and mental health support, career counseling, financial planning, access to education, and additional wraparound services. HIP’s support system has empowered dozens of families in our community to move from the brink of homelessness to the security of permanent housing, employment, and hope.

HIP also provides emergency rental assistance (including arrears, first month’s rent, and security deposits) to enable low-income families to stay in their homes and avoid eviction or secure affordable housing in the area. The need for housing assistance in Princeton is especially acute because of the magnifying pressures of COVID-19, escalating rent price, and economic instability. In 2021, HIP distributed $124,000 in emergency rental assistance from its general funds, $100,000 in Princeton Area Community Foundation grant funds through a collaboration with Arm in Arm, and more than $250,000 in CDBG funds in partnership with the municipality.

Embracing the model of “neighbors helping neighbors,” our work is only made possible through the generosity of our many donors and community partners, including WJCD. We are grateful to be part of a compassionate community that works together to help each other.

Kathleen Gittleman
Executive Director

Liz Lempert
Board Chair

Housing Initiatives of Princeton