January 5, 2022

Princeton Perks 2022 is Win-Win-Win For Schools, Shoppers, and Businesses

By Donald Gilpin

Princeton Perks 2022 discount cards are currently on sale to support local schools and businesses and to open up an array of good deals for shoppers and restaurant-goers.

Initiated last winter and organized by parent volunteers from the Princeton Public Schools (PPS) Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) at Community Park, Johnson Park, Littlebrook, Riverside, Princeton Middle School, Princeton Charter School, and Princeton High School, the discount cards have given dozens of businesses a boost, more than 1,000 shoppers a 10 percent discount, and more than $17,000 to support students and teachers.

The cards cost $30, provide 10 percent discounts at more than 60 local merchants, and are valid through December 31, 2022.

“We love seeing Princeton Perks cards all year round, but especially on these winter weeknights coming up when families are looking for a relaxing dinner together or a place to celebrate,” said Anthony Momo, a PPS parent and co-owner of 2022 Perks sponsors Eno Terra, Mediterra, Teresa Caffe, and the Terra Momo Bread Company. “We joined this fundraiser because we want people to come and enjoy what we have to offer, and enjoy a little discount too.”

Princeton Perks offered two tiers of participation to local businesses for the 2022 card. Some sponsoring businesses paid to be listed on the back of the discount card and receive special mention in advertising and social media campaigns. Other businesses, which participate for free, are listed on the website and can display the Perks decals near cash registers or in store windows.

Last year’s funds helped the schools to pay for curriculum support, arts and culture enrichment, outdoor classroom space, summer programs for children in need, and end-of-year activities for rising sixth and ninth graders.

“A lot of these funds go back into the programs that support the children who need it most,” said PTO organizer Sharon Litvinsky, who has a son at the Princeton Charter School. “At the charter school, we allocated that money to help with the summer academy and the summer camp. It was a difficult school year and we wanted to make it a fun environment over the summer for these kids. Everything worked towards funding what each of the schools felt they needed to support their programs.”

“It’s all about the kids and to help out the schools,” said Willie Rosso of Princeton Sunoco on Nassau Street, a 2022 sponsor. “That’s what it’s about.”

“I value how Princeton Perks weaves neighbors together to strengthen our community,” said professional home organizer Ana Catarrivas of Tidy Nerd, a sponsoring business. “I am so glad my business can be a part of it.”

Litvinsky is an enthusiastic Princeton Perks advocate who got her money’s worth and much more out of her 2021 card. “I overextended my use of that card as soon as I got it,” she said. Litvinsky described after-school outings with her son and his friends at various eating establishments in the Princeton Shopping Center, browsing in the downtown stores, and finding a wide array of stocking stuffers and other gifts in Princeton shops over the past three months.

“I personally think the card is too cheap,” she said. “We need to make people realize the value behind it. You get your money back and more on those cards without a shadow of a doubt. It really is worth it.”

She continued, “We’ve worked with local businesses to make arrangements that work well for them and for their customers. All of the eating establishments have said ‘Please encourage people to use their cards in January, February, and March, because that’s the quiet time for us.’ They signed up to support us, but they really want you to come in. They need the extra foot traffic.  They want to see us, and they want to support the schools too.”

Though valid all year, the 2022 Princeton Perks cards will be available for purchase only through February 25. Anyone may purchase a card by visiting princetonperks.com. Some deals are restricted to certain days of the week or certain types of merchandise. Visit princetonperks.com for a complete list of participating businesses and details on their discount offers. Any business that is either owned by a Princeton resident or physically located in Princeton is welcome to join. Email princetonperks@gmail.com.