December 29, 2021

Mercer County Top Producers Association Offers Real Estate Expertise and Service

By Jean Stratton

If you are moving, you want to seal the deal as soon as possible, and under the most auspicious and least stressful circumstances.

No mistake about it, buying or selling a house requires fortitude!

Why not have the very best help available as you navigate this daunting procedure?

Help is at hand!

The Mercer County Association of Top Producers is an organization consisting of high level real estate agents and brokers from many area firms.

To qualify, an agent must have received the prestigious New Jersey Association of Realtors (NJAR) Circle of Excellence Award, Bronze level; and have produced $2.5 million in sales for the year, or 17 units (sales or rentals). There are currently 66 members, and only 5 percent of all members of the Mercer County Board of Realtors have achieved membership.

Elite Group

Since the organization’s establishment more than 30 years ago, it has completed over 1,754 transactions totaling $726 million.

“It is an honor to be part of the Association,” says vice president of the Association Board Lisa LeRay. A broker sales agent with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox & Roach, Realtors, headquartered in Pennington, she has been a member of Top Producers for 12 years.

“We meet once a month, and it is very beneficial for the agents to network with the other top producers. We discuss and share information about the market, new listings, and we can learn from each other. For example, one agent’s client may be looking for a specific kind of house, with certain details, and another agent may know of one and can make suggestions. I have become a better agent by being a member of this organization.

“Knowing that you are in an elite group with people who you can learn from, but also that motivate you to be an excellent real estate agent, is invaluable.”

Market Trends

In addition to the interaction among agents, speakers, including real estate-related professionals, attend the luncheon meetings. “We can really learn from them,” points out LeRay. “It’s an opportunity to discover what is going on from their perspective. We recently had speakers from New York and Philadelphia, and learned about the markets there. This was very interesting.”

The speakers can educate, provide information about the latest laws, practices, new products, market trends, and new technology.

Of course, online opportunities have been a factor in house hunting for some time, and many prospective customers make use of this, as they start their initial search. This was heightened during the arrival of COVID-19, and continues now, explains Ray.

“Many clients look online ahead of time to see what is available and what they like. But we also continued to show houses on site throughout COVID. There is nothing like really seeing the house firsthand.”

She reports having been very busy during the past year, especially as so many people were leaving the cities and looking for new houses in the suburbs.

“This has lessened somewhat, but it is still a seller’s market. There isn’t a lot of inventory right now, but I expect to see more availability over the next few months.”

What’s Hot

As far as what’s hot and what’s not, she notes that “Outdoor space — patios, decks, and terraces — is big, always in demand. People like to be outdoors, and especially during COVID, they wanted to spend even more time outside.”

Houses with swimming pools — not so hot! A pool can be a plus or a minus, she adds, and it is very individual. But overall, right now, pools are not a big asset.

Top Producer meetings were held via Zoom during the height of the pandemic, but have now resumed on site. Members pay dues, which help fund the lunches, and enable the organization to support a number of local charities and organizations.

“We are committed to the community, and this year and during past years we have contributed pizza pies to the hospital staff, and donated to Meals on Wheels, Mercer Street Friends Food Bank, and HomeFront, as well as Womanspace, Wounded Warriors, and Toys For Tots.”

Giving Back

Being part of the community and giving back is a top priority for all the members of the organization, points out LeRay.

The Association is also sponsored by a number of organizations, businesses, and individuals who help with funding, and attend the meetings, she adds. Current sponsors include Aaron Heimowitz of Wells Fargo & Co., Carlo Vitale of Vitale Inspections, Jim Craft and Melissa DiLolle of Foundation Title Co., and Brian Pinsell of H & L Marketing.

“I love being a real estate agent,” says LeRay. “I like meeting a lot of people, and I really enjoy the business, seeing the houses, and helping people find just the right home for them.

“Also, I think it is so helpful for clients to go to the Top Producers website first. All the members are listed there, along with their firms. Clients can learn about them this way. It is extremely helpful for someone looking to buy or sell a house.”

If you want the highest level of real estate experience, expertise, and customer service and guidance, check in with the Mercer County Association of Top Producers. It can save you time and trouble.

It is all about sealing the deal!

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