November 24, 2021

“Sharing” on Display At Artists’ Gallery

“LINE OF LIGHT”: This painting by Bill Jersey is part of “Sharing,” his exhibition with artists Laura Rutherford Renner, Heather Barros, and Larry Mitnick, on view at Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville December 9 through January 22.

Artists Bill Jersey, Laura Rutherford Renner, Heather Barros, and Larry Mitnick  have announced the opening of their joint show, “Sharing,” on view  December 9 through January 22 at Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville. The exhibit features  paintings by the four artists. An opening reception is scheduled for Saturday, December 11, from 1 to 3p.m.

“Sharing” invites viewers to pause, to see, to remember the beauty of the world that we share with you.

Residing in Hunterdon County,  Jersey says,  “I am surrounded by creeks, forests, fields, and hills — an abundance of scenes I want to capture or interpret on canvas. Over time, my paintings evolved from more realistic scenes of the natural world to more interpreted representations, using dramatic colors to evoke fresh perspectives. As a documentary filmmaker of many years, I learned to catch a moment in time and use it to tell a larger story. That is what I seek to capture in my paintings.”

Renner, from Collingswood, enjoys painting figures engaged in the experience of their environments. “Capturing these interactions in two dimensions is an exercise and a source of calm. I relish mixing pure colors, keeping my palette simple to create authentic observation,” she said. “The quiet engagement of brush to palette and brush to board provides meaning for me every day.”  Renner, an occupational therapist for the past 27 years, is currently retired from work in public schools, and renews her full-time focus on painting.

Barros, from Princeton, paints landscapes from life, and lately from screen shots captured from movies and videos.  “My current favorite color is grey,” said Barros. “I enjoy mixing various greys with oil paints and using them in my storms and sandy terrains.”

Mitnick, who lives in in Huntingdon Valley, Pa., has continuously painted throughout his career as an architect and educator. ”The ideas that inform my paintings and architecture are in a friendly conversation, exchanging insights gained from each,” he said. “I understand space to be more than an immense vacuum but the medium through which we inhabit the world. Spatial conditions are poetic structures that embody human experience of everyday objects, places, landscapes and the figure. My paintings try to catch the abstraction that lies behind appearances. In the end, emotions take hold as one is drawn into my paintings through the elements of form/space, color, and visual movement.”

Artists’ Gallery is located at 18 Bridge Street in Lambertville. Hours are Thursday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, visit