November 17, 2021

It’s Time for Princeton to Have a Specified Dog Park

To the Editor:

Barbara and I have either worked or lived in Princeton since 1974. Now that we have Geno, our 97-pound, very mellow, Rhodesian Ridgeback, we would love to have the option of exercising him off leash in a local dog park and meeting other local like-minded residents and their dogs.

Currently Princeton is the only town in the area that does not have a specified, fenced-in place for locals and their dogs to meet and greet. Plans have been presented several times since 2013, and on November 8 a detailed PowerPoint presentation was given to the Princeton Council listing multiple in-town available parks and surrounding larger peripheral Princeton parks that would be ideal for future dog parks. Now is the time to fulfill this widely popular concept.

Bruce, Barbara, and Geno Berger
Franklin Avenue