November 17, 2021

Directing Spillover Parking to Residential Streets Will Change Character of Neighborhoods

To the Editor:

We are writing to comment about future development plans for Princeton and their impact on parking. The Princeton Council has approved new housing to be built; a new hotel to rise in the center of Princeton and ongoing construction, including new restaurants.

These developments will be good for Princeton. They do, however, put pressure on parking resources. The Permit Parking Task Force has proposed to direct spillover parking into residential neighborhoods. This plan will create narrower roads for thru-traffic, likely more dangerous conditions for bikers, and potentially less safe conditions for children who walk to school and town.

As concerned residents near downtown Princeton, we ask that the Princeton Council think more fully about a plan that considers how these new developments will be supported by our parking infrastructure. Directing spillover parking to residential streets will change the character of the many graceful, quiet neighborhoods that surround our downtown area.

Lillian ChIang and Thomas Shenk
Boudinot Street