November 3, 2021

Cleaning Trash Cans and House Exteriors Is the Mission of Nice Cans New Jersey

KEEP THEM CLEAN: “We clean, sanitize, and deodorize your trash cans. We use specially designed trucks and trailers to clean all types of trash cans and dumpsters for residential and commercial clients,” explain Matt Nemes and Ron Stinson, owners of Nice Cans New Jersey, based in Bordentown. “We also offer high quality soft pressure washing services for houses, patios, driveways, and sidewalks. We look forward to introducing you to our new company and our specialized services.” Shown is one of the machines used for trash can cleaning.

By Jean Stratton

Matt Nemes and Ron Stinson want to make your life easier by ensuring that your trash cans are clean, odor-free, and basically spic-and-span!

They believe this is an idea whose time has come, and that their new company, Nice Cans New Jersey, offers people a unique system for cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing garbage cans, as well as soft pressure washing services for house exteriors, patios, driveways, and sidewalks.

“People are really interested,” report the owners. “Most of them had never known about this before, and we can take care of something they don’t really want to do, or hadn’t really thought about doing.”

Residential and Commercial

Opened in April and headquartered in Bordentown, the company services both residential and commercial properties. It is the only company in central New Jersey offering this cleaning system, points out Nemes.

“I had heard about it from my cousin, who has a similar business in California. There aren’t many like it in New Jersey. We thought it would be something people would be interested in.”

They were right! They have already developed a strong customer base, including both residential and commercial clients.

“We cover all of Mercer County and a large part of Burlington County, as well as Long Beach Island customers. Basically, we cover a 25-mile radius from Bordentown,” says Nemes.

The Nice Cans system is unique, adds Stinson. “Our process removes debris, grime, bacteria, and odors. Once we’ve finished, your trash cans will look as good as new.

“We have a hydraulic arm on the back of our trailer that will lift the can, flip it upside down, and clean and sanitize the inside of the can with dual-headed power washer at approximately 200 degrees under extremely high pressure. The can is then returned to the ground, cleaned, and sanitized. Then it is sprayed with an eco-friendly citrus sanitizer that makes it smell fresh and clean.”

Water is the only ingredient, no detergents or chemicals. “We are eco-friendly and the citrus sanitizer we use is safe for the environment,” Stinson explains. “We are very careful about safety. The wastewater is not just dumped, but is collected in our hopper, and properly disposed of at a water treatment facility in accordance with the laws of our state.”

Multiple Cans

As the business has grown, including repeat customers and those with a continuing maintenance plan, Nemes and Stinson have encountered a variety of situations.

“Depending on the size of the house and number of inhabitants, there can be one can or multiple cans. We had one house with six cans and another with nine. Families with kids can have a lot of garbage, and it can be messy. When there are lots of kids, there is lots of garbage. Of course, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and restaurants, etc. will also have more cans.”

Messy, smelly garbage cans are certainly not nice. It doesn’t take long for trash cans to get gross, note Nemes and Stinson. “Not only is this unpleasant, but it can be dangerous. Your dirty trash may be harboring bacteria or viruses that can cause illness.”

Nemes and Stinson have been faced with cans filled with remnants of old pizza, fried chicken, melted chocolate, congealed gravy, and more. And not only that — there has been the occasional dead mouse or other small animal corpse.

Who wouldn’t want someone else to take care of that?

Hungry Creatures

In addition, cans with existing garbage or lingering odors will often attract raccoons, even coyotes or other hungry creatures that you don’t necessarily want visiting your property.

Typically, cleaning is scheduled the day after trash collection. Nice Cans offers a variety of plans for customers, including monthly maintenance, bi-monthly, quarterly, and bi-annually, and all with different price points. Single treatments are available for $35.

In addition to trash can cleaning, the company provides special soft power washing for house siding, explains Nemes. “We use eco-friendly chemicals  and heated water to clean all flat surfaces, leaving your home or commercial building with a nicer looking exterior.

“We will cover all electrical components to protect them from water damage. We also pre-soak the surrounding area to protect plants and landscaping; we use a soft pressure washing technique to avoid damaging delicate surfaces, which helps to prevent oxidation and discoloration; and we then do a post rinse to prevent any damage to surrounding landscaping or plant life.”

Currently, a special soft power wash is available at a special price of $300 for any house under 3,000 square feet. This includes siding and gutter exteriors.

Highest Standards

Nice Cans is a new adventure for both men, and they are encouraged by the response, adding, “While word-of-mouth has been great, we always have to get the word out, so people know about us.”

But having been open just a little over six months, they are very pleased with customer reaction. “People are really intrigued and satisfied with this new system, and many have signed up for plans offering continuing service. We try to offer savings when we can, and discounts can be available.”

Of course, there are always challenges in starting a new business, points out Stinson. “There is red tape to deal with regarding regulations, insurance, etc. We never cut corners, and follow all the rules. Customers can count on us for the highest standards of work.”

Nemes and Stinson are ready to get you started on having the cleanest trash cans in the neighborhood. As they say, “We clean the inside and the outside of the can. We ‘detail’ your trash can.”   

They are also having fun with their new venture. They add, “We enjoy working together, and meeting a lot of people. We get to see different places, buildings, and areas. Now, we look forward to expanding our business and bringing our service to even more people.”

For more information, call (609) 847-9056 or visit