October 27, 2021

McDonald is Committed to Ensuring That Every Child Has the Opportunity to Realize Their Full Potential

To the Editor:

Three years ago we enthusiastically endorsed Brian McDonald for a seat on the Board of Education, and we unequivocally do so again this year as he seeks to serve a second term. As actively engaged parents with children in Princeton Public Schools, we remain confident in Brian’s abilities and appreciate his efforts that have demonstrably moved the district forward.

Brian’s three years of service have been marked with hard work and dedication, thoughtful planning, greater transparency in budgeting, enhanced fiscal responsibility, and clear steps forward to ensure better experiences for students in the classrooms. We commend him as well for his collaborative work with the Board in hiring our new superintendent, Dr. Carol Kelley. 

While Brian served as chair of the Finance Committee, co-chair of the Facilities Committee, and now as co-chair of the newly combined Operations Committee, the district found hundreds of thousands of dollars of budget savings, and the residents have had two consecutive years of declining tax increases. Additionally, the district is one of only 16 in the state with a triple-A bond rating. District facilities are being much better stewarded, and we are grateful for Brian’s and the Board’s commitment to proactive maintenance and planning to ensure that Princeton school facilities are prepared for rising enrollments and the needs of 21st century pedagogical best practices.

What impresses us most is Brian’s commitment to public education, and to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to realize their full potential. He has insight into the challenges that must be overcome to provide an equitable education for every child, and the ability and intellect to work closely with and support Dr. Kelley to make changes where needed to strengthen our schools. 

Brian’s record is clear, and we are grateful for his willingness to continue expending time and effort in service to our community through a seat on the Board of Education. Whether you vote by mail, vote early, or vote on Election Day, please vote for Brian McDonald in Column H. 

Tara Oakman
Valley Road

Nicole Pezold Hancock
Jefferson Road

Carrie Elwood
Poe Road

Christina Walden
Dodds Lane