October 27, 2021

Franceschi is Ready, Willing, and Able To Promote Constructive Policies for PPS

To the Editor:

Mara Franceschi is a listener. At a time where there are so many crosscurrents of concerns and opinions regarding the educational choices and priority of a diverse, ever-changing community, listening ability is a priority for anyone charged with serving the public.

Mara has listened and learned while serving as the Johnson Park Elementary School president for three years and its treasurer for four years. A chartered fnancial analyst with a master’s degree (MBA) from Columbia University’s School of Business, Mara is ready, willing, and able to promote constructive policies that will meet the needs of increasing student enrollment and budget pressures in the aging Princeton schools. She knows how important it is to maintain schools so that our students can thrive in a clean, safe, and healthy learning environment.

Her children have attended Johnson Park Elementary School, Princeton Middle School, and Princeton High School. She has experienced firsthand the importance of a strong parent-teacher relationship. She has been the “new person” in school many times, in places that were culturally different. She embraces the importance of learning new cultures, having lived in three states and four countries.

Mara will listen to diverse perspectives so that students not only welcome others but are welcome.

I heartily support Mara Franceschi for the Board of Education. I will be confidently pulling the lever for her in Column F.

Albert M. Stark
Lovers Lane