October 27, 2021

Candidates Niedergang and Newlin Are Committed to “Smart Growth, Wise Choices”

To the Editor:

Since securing ballot positions in the June primary, we have been running as Democrats for Princeton Council — Eve as an incumbent seeking a second term and Leighton as a first-time candidate seeking to fill an open seat.  Even though we are unopposed in the general election, we have taken nothing for granted and have been actively campaigning for your votes.  We have walked and talked to voters in all neighborhoods in Princeton to get a sense of what people are thinking and feeling.  We have taken time to be good listeners — no matter the subject.

Over the last few months, as we have gotten to know each other better, we have realized that although we each have a somewhat different focus, we share a similar vision for Princeton and its future. That vision is captured in our campaign slogan, “Smart Growth, Wise Choices.”

What does “Smart Growth, Wise Choices” really mean?  It means we have a commitment to focused growth, including the development of affordable housing, in a walkable, bikeable town center with access to public transit while working to preserve our existing open spaces. This focus brings with it the opportunity to build community and create energy, beauty, green space, diversity, and sustainability for our future.  We understand that partnership with the University and a shared vision of our future together is a critical component to building world class infrastructure in Princeton. We understand that a greater commercial and business footprint can mitigate the high cost of living in Princeton and its impact on low- and moderate-income residents. We recognize that issues of diversity, social justice, and equity are not buzz words, but necessary pillars of a just society.

As we both witness the political landscape at the national level, we understand that now more than ever politics must be local. We’re running because we care about this community. There may be decisions or actions that lack wide appeal but know that our only motivation is to make Princeton, this community we love, the very best it can be. 

How can it be even better?  Your involvement, your participation, and your vote. The more people we hear from, the more diverse voices, the better information we have and the better decisions we will reach. Now is the time to get involved: vote, join a committee or commission, send us an email, or attend a Council meeting and let us know your concerns.

We invite you to join us. “Smart Growth, Wise Choices” is our slogan, but we hope you will adopt it and work with us to make it happen.

Eve Niedergang
Forester Drive

Leighton Newlin
Birch Avenue