October 27, 2021

Candidate Franceschi is Hard-Worker Who Will Always Get the Work Done

To the Editor,

I fully endorse Mara Franceschi for election to Princeton’s Board of Education and invite you to take a closer look at her candidacy.

If you want to minimize tax increases and care about the judicious management of funds, financial expertise is one of her strengths. Mara holds an MBA from Columbia and is a CFA charter holder. While serving on the Johnson Park PTO, Mara demonstrated her ability to manage finances well, building important reserves for the PTO. 

If you care about the environment, Mara is very concerned about the environmental footprint of the school buildings and operations and is aware of the long-term savings of investing in green infrastructure.

If you want a hard-working candidate who will roll up her sleeves, Mara is a great example of someone who will always get the work done. Once, when the composting program was suspended at the schools, Mara brought her own green bin from home in her van to compost food waste from the school events. 

 If you are looking for a candidate who will bring a collaborative approach to the Board, I strongly recommend Mara and know she will prioritize building relationships with all the members of the Board of Education for effective decision making.

And, if you just care about the children, Mara is a candidate that knows what matters in the end is for the children in our town to have a great education while learning to be independent, resourceful, and good members of their community.

Please join me in voting Column “F” for Mara Franceschi on Tuesday, November 2. 

Omar H. Téllez
Battle Road