October 20, 2021

Recent Get Out the Vote Appeal Letter Was One-Sided

To the Editor:

While I applaud efforts to get more Americans involved in our electoral process, I was disappointed with the letter in your October 6 edition (“Urging Princetonians to Vote in Upcoming General Election”). The letter was essentially an appeal for local voters to vote the straight Democratic ticket without any reasons given why voters should do so other than it was “crucially important” for New Jersey.

My takeaway of the urgency the letter seems to call for is because Republicans want to deny American citizens their lawful right to vote. I am unaware of any Republican candidate on our local ballot who advocates such an opinion. I encourage voters to examine what the Republican ticket from top to bottom has dedicated itself to confronting and turning around: 1) Ever higher property taxes leading to lack of affordability; 2) A sputtering economy; 3) Unresponsive state bureaucracies such as the DMV; 4) Intrusive government regulation; and 5) An unemployment rate 35 percent higher than the national average.

The letter invokes Thomas Jefferson as having warned Americans that “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” It was not that eminent slaveholder who is the source for the statement, but the prominent Civil War abolitionist Wendell Phillips who was a leading advocate for equal rights for all Americans, including women, Blacks, and indigenous Americans. That’s a position that I and the Republicans I know believe in.

Bottom line: It’s time for a change. As governor, Jack Ciattarelli and his team will get New Jersey turned around and back on the path of prosperity for all.

Dudley Sipprelle
Chairman, Princeton Republican Committee
Victoria Mews