October 20, 2021

Noting That Preservationists Ignored Teardown of Brick Cottage on Prospect

To the Editor:

While the so-called historical preservationists were wringing their hands about three old useless buildings on Prospect Avenue, they totally ignored the teardown last week of a beautiful iconic brick cottage two blocks down the street on Prospect. Not one word of protest from these people, proving that the protests are not about historical preservation, but rather just one more self-absorbed attempt to block the University.

This protest is just like the ill-founded attempt to delay the move of the Dinky Station several years ago, which based on hysteria, was also merely an attempt to impede.

The three old derelict buildings in question proved for many reasons to be unsuitable as family homes and were turned into equally unsuitable offices. Owned by the University, on University land, the University has every right to do what they want to without negotiating with people who have no legal right or standing. The University has the same rights as the owner of the iconic brick cottage two blocks away. A beautiful home that received no attention from the historical preservationists.

This is a cause du jour, nothing more.

Jill D. Schreiber
Prospect Avenue