October 20, 2021

Niedergang is Right Council Candidate To Support All Constituents in Town

To the Editor:

My name is Maya Wahrman. I am a social worker in training, getting my masters at Rutgers University, and working full time in refugee resettlement and serving English and Spanish low-income and under-insured clients through my clinical graduate work. I moved to Princeton nine years ago and graduated in 2016 from the University. I came to know the town of Princeton as a community that I wanted to contribute to and see flourish. Having worked locally with immigrant communities and getting to know my neighbors professionally and personally over the last decade, I know how important it is for Princeton to support our whole community. Knowing Eve Niedergang as a Councilwoman and as my close friend, I know she is the right candidate to support all the diverse constituents in our town.

I have had the great fortune of knowing Eve Niedergang my whole life, as our families have been close friends since before I was born. When I moved to Princeton, Eve helped me with whatever I needed and took me in as a family member, introducing me to life in Princeton and as a New Jersey voter. I saw Eve’s commitment to Princeton, her knowledge and care toward all the different layers of our community. She has always showed me and everyone in my circle immense generosity and kindness of spirit, paired with a nuanced thoughtful approach to politics, from her own neighborhood and beyond.

Watching Eve grow as Councilwoman over the past three years has been inspiring. I see her taking seriously every topic that comes before her, recognizing that all the issues her constituents hold dear are important and demand her attention. The care with which she treats her friends and the critical mind with which she approaches all topics of importance are both evident in how she educates herself on all the important issues we face together. Her work at The Watershed has increased her knowledge and commitment to sustainability and environmental justice, and she has educated herself on racial justice and every other issue that someone brings to her attention as important.

I was particularly impressed by her commitment to affordable housing to ensure our town grows equitably and responsibly. She does not shy away from exploring or taking on the issues that her constituents find important. With each topic she carefully reflects and researches, ultimately developing and articulating her own value-driven platform for the best interest of our community.

There are few people I trust in Princeton to take our issues and our community more seriously than Eve. I encourage you all to vote on November 2, or to capitalize on New Jersey’s early voting for the first time in history, and support Princeton’s present and future by casting your vote for Eve Niedergang and her running mate Leighton Newlin. Their slogan, “Smart Growth – Wise Choices” reflects their capability to advance our town responsibly and successfully.

Maya Wahrman
South Stanworth Drive