October 20, 2021

Mara Franceschi Will Work to Make Children’s Educational Experiences Better

To the Editor:

As private citizens, we are writing to support Mara Franceschi for the Board of Education.

We were fortunate to have worked closely with Mara on the PTO Executive Board at Johnson Park (JP), where she served as the treasurer for four years and co-president for three years. As treasurer, we witnessed Mara work tirelessly to ensure that the PTO budgets were judiciously set and executed. She questioned expenses, collaborated to find cost-saving measures, and established tight controls. Mara also worked hard to ensure that all children benefited equally from the fundraising efforts of the JP PTO. Mara’s dedication and passion for the children, the teachers, the families, and the community led her to the elected role of co-president of JP, where she continued for three years. As co-president, Mara governed in an ethical and transparent way, drawing on the talents of the JP community and bringing everyone together to help enhance the experience of all children at JP.

We personally know that Mara’s financial acumen and governance expertise are deep and impressive. She is highly competent and will work hard to tackle the budget and facilities needs issues. Mara doesn’t take things for granted — she questions policies and procedures and will ensure that before important decisions are made the community is involved and all voices are heard. We believe Mara has excellent integrity, understands her fiduciary responsibilities, is transparent, and will work to make all our children’s educational experiences better.

The School Board must be objective, understand financial implications, and work to achieve reasonable goals. In a time when the district is tackling long-term growth initiatives and addressing strategic issues such as equity, wellness and health, and innovative improvements, we believe that it is of paramount importance to have someone with Mara’s strengths, talents, and tenacity on the Board. 

Please join us in voting for “F” for Franceschi for the Board of Education on November 2.

Sue Bowen
Stone Cliff Road

Milena Deluca
Hunt Drive