October 13, 2021

BOE Candidate Franceschi is Worker, Organizer, and Gets Things Done

To the Editor:

Mara Franceschi is running for School Board and I, as an educator for over 20 years, believe we are indeed fortunate to have her as a candidate. This woman is full of energy, enthusiasm, and is keenly interested in lending her considerable talents to help improve our Princeton schools. With the changes in the school administration, I believe now is an important time to add some fresh eyes to the School Board team. Mara is actively involved with all levels of the Princeton schools through her three children. She combines the experience of an involved parent with her professional background in finance, a worthy combination of abilities to have on our Board.

Mara listens. She is a worker, an organizer, and gets things done. She has my vote and hopefully yours too.

Pam Wetherill
Governors Lane