October 6, 2021

Urging Princetonians to Vote In Upcoming General Election

To the Editor:

We are writing to urge Princetonians to vote to re-elect Eve Niedergang and to elect Leighton Newlin to Princeton Council in the upcoming election, also to cast their ballots for Phil Murphy for governor, Sheila Oliver for lieutenant governor, Andrew Zwicker for state senator, and Roy Freiman and Sadaf Jaffer for state Assembly.

In addition, there are two public questions on the New Jersey ballot, one that would allow betting on college sports and another on the use of proceeds from raffles for charitable organizations.

Voting in New Jersey has never been easier, thanks to a new law, passed by both houses of the Legislature and signed into law by the governor. You may vote early, at Princeton’s in-person early voting location in the Princeton Shopping Center, 301 North Harrison Street, to the left of the Bagel Nook, from Saturday, October 23 through Sunday, October 31, from Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. No appointment is necessary.

If you received a vote-by-mail ballot, please fill it out and return it as soon as possible, paying close attention to the directions given, then mail it or place it in a secured ballot drop box at the Princeton Municipal Building at 400 Witherspoon Street (located in the front of the building facing Witherspoon Street) or at the Princeton University Wawa/Dinky Station at 152 Alexander Street on the circle.

And, of course you can vote on Election Day, November 2 at your designated polling place, which you can find on your sample ballot or by going to nj.gov/state/elections/vote-polling-location.shtml.

This election is a crucially important one for our state, especially since we are learning more and more about the effort made by Donald Trump and his Republican allies to nullify the results of the entirely legitimate 2020 presidential election. As Thomas Jefferson is purported to have said, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” That vigilance begins with voting.

Scotia Macrae
Evelyn Place

Shirley Satterfield
Quarry Street

Co-chairs, Princeton Democratic Campaign 2021