September 29, 2021

Offering Suggestions for Upgrades at Hazardous Crossing on Harrison Street

To the Editor:

A “Cross Traffic Does Not Stop” sign is now on the rail at the D & R Canal path walking south just before crossing Harrison Street. The D & R realized that they needed it to protect walkers, joggers, and bikers from those speeding from Route 1 and whipping past the crossover without stopping, warning light blinking or not.

A response to requests for an upgrade has been that there are several jurisdictions that need to agree. Perhaps they are waiting for a fatality as happened at Rosedale Road before responding.

Three suggestions: 1) Slow traffic from Route 1 to 30 mph; 2) Extend the blinking signal beyond the sharp curve before the intersection of Harrison and the path; and 3) Add a sign that violation brings points.

Must we wait for tragedy to befall us?

Robert Karp
South Harrison Street