July 21, 2021

Resident Questions Lack of Dog Park in Princeton

To the Editor:

At the entrance of most parks in Princeton there is a sign stating that dogs are permitted, but must be on leads, and that to clean up after them is essential. This is so at Johnson, at the University, at IAS, at Mountain Lakes. In addition, there are many narrow trails where this is difficult, particularly when one is older, and rather unsteady (I’m 87).

One place where there is NO sign, none at all, is at the Princeton Shopping Center. Perhaps they do not want dogs there at all and don’t want to be too obvious about it. In any case, because it is the only place in town which is covered, it is the one that I have utilized when it rains, usually with leads in place, but if there are no other dogs around, and few people, I dispense with the leads and permit them to run. At least, not until I was given a summons, for which I am to go to court next month.

This is not something I anticipated. I’ve had questions about the lack of a dog park in Princeton, and had presented them to our former mayor, who suggested that she would bring it up, but that, meanwhile, the facility in Kingston (on Route 27) was available (if, that is, you have a key and the township’s permission). In any case, it is of interest that all the other Mercer County townships, other than Princeton, have such a facility.

I therefore protest said summons, especially given the lack of signs at the Shopping Center, and no evidence that a dog park with even a partial covering is to be built.

Howard Lieberman, MD
Clarke Court