May 26, 2021

New Hope Arts Center Spotlights Fine Art Weaving

“OBI”: This piece by Ellen Ramsey is featured in “Weaving Re-Imagined: At the Intersection of Tradition and Creativity,” a group exhibition on view through July 18 at the New Hope Arts Center in New Hope, Pa.

New Hope Arts Center at 2 Stockton Avenue in New Hope, Pa., now presents “Weaving Re-Imagined: At the Intersection of Tradition and Creativity,” an invitational group exhibition examining a variety of current approaches to traditional weaving techniques.

On view through July 18, the exhibition features work by Janet Austin, Rita R. Gekht, Michelle Lester, Bojana Leznicki, Denise Marshall, Ellen Ramsey, Michael F. Rohde, Carol K. Russell, Mary-Ann Sievert, Natalya Smirnova, Rebecca Smith, Armando Sosa, and Betty Vera. The gallery is open to visitors Friday through Sunday, noon to 5 p.m., by appointment. Appointments can be scheduled in advance by calling (215) 862-9606.

One of the earliest human technologies, weaving has evolved as a fine art medium that is continually being reinvented by contemporary artists. It remains a “slow” art form: typically made by hand, usually in isolation, and often in a state of relative meditation.

Weaving is a vital part of every culture. It tells a story. It evokes many senses. It reaches out to us with more questions than answers. This collection of works invites the viewer to explore, feel, and relate to the process of creation even if specific techniques remain beyond comprehension. From flat tapestries to three-dimensional work, the textures and complexities of this medium will intrigue, and viewers will enjoy the richness and imagination demonstrated by these masters of their craft.

“Weaving Re-Imagined” was curated by tapestry artist Rita Romanova Gekht, founder and owner of Rita’s Dream Weaving Studio in Lambertville.