May 5, 2021

Former Councilman Supports Newlin, Niedergang for Princeton Council

To the Editor:

How lucky we are to have two great candidates running for Princeton Council this election cycle. We have the incumbent, Councilwoman Eve Niedergang, who has shown us how caring she is about many important topics. I know that Councilwoman Niedergang provided the residents of this great town the opportunity to see her work and help the community through many difficult issues. After serving 15 years as an elected Princeton Councilman, I know the many hours you must be able to provide the town. It takes time, energy and perseverance to become a strong and accepted Councilperson.

It is my pleasure to introduce to some of the residents of Princeton our future Councilman, Leighton Newlin. I have known Leighton for over 40 years; and I respect him and his decision making skills. We are going through very serious times with our elected leaders in this country. Just look around and see the questionable and non-caring behavior exhibited by so many elected officials. This will change with Leighton Newlin in office. The caring and support for everyone will begin on Leighton’s first day in office. Leighton has served  as chairperson of Princeton Housing Authority for over 20 years. Leighton has been serving the Witherspoon-Jackson community for many years; and his help with the historic designation for the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood was simply amazing.

This is difficult for me to put into words, but every Council needs a person that has strong passion and love for the community.  This is a councilperson that will question and ask what will these ordinances and rules do for the average person trying to survive in Princeton. I cannot explain the seriousness of this position on Council. Leighton Newlin will be that Councilperson. Leighton will have our interest at heart. Leighton will ask questions. Leighton will represent everyone.

Please vote for Leighton Newlin and Eve Niedergang!

Lance Liverman
Former Councilman
Witherspoon Street