April 28, 2021

Quiet Princeton Should Acknowledge Traffic Noise as Part of the Problem

To the Editor:

In addition to the noise from blowers and mowers, in our neighborhood we have the problem of truck traffic—big, heavy trucks struggling up or screaming down Elm Road from morning to night. There is a highway two blocks away (route 206), but this village street is regularly crowded with huge trucks: moving vans, dump trucks, construction vehicles. There are no weight restrictions, so the largest vehicles available can legally drive on the road, flattening and fracturing the blacktop. There is no engine braking law, so heavy trucks coming down the hill can legally sound like the outbreak of WWIII. There are always young children and older citizens nearby; a heavy truck driving mishap here could be catastrophic.

Two actions are needed. One, the town should do everything possible to restrict truck traffic on Elm Road: set weight limits, outlaw engine breaking, post signage prohibiting overweight truck traffic and directing such traffic to more appropriate streets.

Second, Quiet Princeton should acknowledge traffic noise as part of the noise problem they are working to resolve. It is not a one neighborhood problem; a larger Quiet Princeton effort will find support from many neighborhoods in Princeton.

We can have a quiet Princeton if we work at it.

Paul Cruser
Westerly Road