April 21, 2021

Kudos for Princeton Resiliency Fund Program to Help Small Businesses

To the Editor:

I was pleased to read about the success of the Princeton Resiliency Fund in issuing grants to help our local business community stay open during the pandemic [“Resiliency Fund Was a Lifesaver for Many Local Small Businesses,” April 7, page 1]. However, I am somewhat concerned for the small businesses in the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood, none of whom were mentioned in this article and a few of whom I know are still suffering residual effects from the months-long lock down.

Is it possible for the Princeton Chamber of Commerce, Princeton Council, or any other Princeton organization to arrange for some Spanish speakers to reach out to those business owners to ensure that they have applied for all the financial help or grants for which they are eligible? If the small bodegas and other businesses go under, it will have a ripple effect throughout that community, for there are some residents who do not drive and rely on these businesses to buy their groceries during the pandemic. If this has already happened, great, but I am getting the sense that more help is needed.

Anyway, kudos to a great program supporting our business community, and to everyone in Princeton, please shop local and include the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood in the equation.

Bonnie Schultz
Longview Drive