March 24, 2021

Supporting Hilltop Park Project; Turf Field Can Be Used Through Winter Season

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of the Hilltop Park field project.

We moved to Princeton this past summer, and signed my boys up for PFC almost immediately. It has honestly been the highlight of the year for the boys, allowing them to get fresh air, exercise, and connection with other boys throughout this crazy year filled with Zoom classes, resulting in too much inactivity and screen time. It is an incredibly well-run program, with terrific administrators and coaches — all are professional, while being positive and encouraging.

For the winter season, we have been driving the kids to practice about 20 minutes away in Hillsborough, where they share a limited number of turf fields with students from a lot of other towns. It would be incredible if they could utilize fields in the community.

I used to work for the KIPP Network of Charter Schools in Newark, N.J. The achievement that I am most proud of throughout my 15+ years with them was creating an athletic field on what was once an unsafe and blighted parking lot, surrounded by abandoned properties. I saw firsthand how athletic fields can be life changing for kids. I know that we are blessed with many beautiful parks in this wonderful town, but the grass fields are not suitable for a good portion of the year, and the PHS turf field is in high demand.

Thank you very much for your consideration of this important project.

Hannah Richman
Esther Plaza