March 10, 2021

Hoping Town Leaders Can Stop Proposed “Invasion” of Hilltop Park

To the Editor:

As a former resident of Campbell Woods (1997-2007) and current resident at Copperwood (2018-present), I am well aware of what an asset Hilltop Park is to the town of Princeton and to its nearby neighbors in particular. How appalling and detrimental to the environment it would be to install artificial turf on this lovely green area. 

Here at Copperwood, with its 153 units, tenants take ample advantage of having Hilltop Park right next door. Many families with small children use the playground, older kids shoot baskets and skateboard, and older folks, with and without dogs on leash, enjoy strolls along the paths and picnics in season. In all, Hilltop is a quiet and bucolic place enjoyed by many folks. It would be a travesty to tear up the grounds and put in plastic and to install more intrusive lights than are already there. 

Princeton has long been a town deeply concerned with protecting its ever-shrinking areas of lovely natural environment. Ruining Hilltop Park would not be in keeping with this time-worn tradition.  Let us hope the powers that be in town can stop this invasion of Hilltop Park before it occurs.

Amy Gimbel