January 20, 2021

WW Arts Council presents “Harmony” Exhibition

“HARMONY”: “High Fever” by Erika Hibbert, above, and “Flying Kites Series” by Carole Jury, below, are featured in the West Windsor Arts Council’s new online exhibition. It can also be viewed by appointment at the West Windsor Arts Center through February 26.

Communities often look to artists to provide the bridge between what has happened in the past and what is needed going forward. When the Exhibition Committee of the West Windsor Arts Council sat down last September, this was exactly their intention in creating the “Harmony” exhibition. At that meeting, the conversation revolved around how to bring people together, “There are too many things up in the air right now. What makes us feel grounded and connected and how can art accomplish this?”

When the Exhibition Committee created the theme of “Harmony,” they invited artists to explore the idea of balance disrupted and harmony restored as it relates to personal experience, beliefs, or observations. WWAC hopes the works in this show will help viewers to focus on the ideal of harmony in its many forms, recognizing that this is not an easy goal to attain, but one well worth the effort.

The jurors Maureen Bennett, Eleni Litt, and SiriOm Singh selected 34 works of art and music for the show, each piece exploring the theme through a variety of media. The exhibition is viewable online through February 26 at westwindsorarts.org and by appointment at the Arts Center.

Exhibiting artists include Zakia Ahmed, Jodi Oster, Clara Beym, Nikita Choksi, Vinny Conte, Connie Cruser, Emily Buchalski, Alice Eltvedt, Jayme Fahrer, Janet Felton, Michelle Floyd, Erika Hibbert, Jeanette Gaston Hooban, Carole Jury, Margaret Kalvar Bushnell, Lori Langsner, Dave Magyar, Lucretia Ellen McGuff-Silverman, Renata Piccione, William Plank, Karen Schoenitz, Margaret Simpson, Tanzanight, and Barbara Weinfield.

For more information, visit westwindsorarts.org, email info@westwindsorarts.org, or call (609) 716-1931.