January 20, 2021

Suggesting Ways to Pass on Stimulus Checks to Those Who Need Them Now

To the Editor:

When those $600 stimulus checks arrive, let’s all consider their purpose, and whether we can just pass ours on to someone who needs it now.

You may already have donated to one or more of the great relief organizations in town, yet find yourself looking for someone specific to give to, someone you would not embarrass by asking. 

Could it be the couple who have for years faithfully shoveled snow from your sidewalk, or helped you with gardening? Neither job is available now. Or a single parent, unemployed because a business you normally patronize has cut its hours? Maybe the home health aide, grocery checkout person, or crosswalk guard who’s missing because he or she has caught the virus — there must be a way to find that person.

Once found, how to frame your gift? A tip? Pay for personal days off? Sick or vacation pay? 

Once you find the person, giving gets easier. Talk to that person. Think of what you can give, and do your best. Every gift counts.

Mary Clurman
Harris Road