December 16, 2020

Phillips Mill Foundation Launches Artist Residency

NEW RESIDENCY: Visual Artist Miya Ando is one of the Artist Residency Council (ARC) members who will select 10 diverse, multi-disciplinary female artists for the first cohort of the Phillips Mill Foundation for the Arts’ New Hope Colony Artist Residency program.

The Phillips Mill Foundation for the Arts has announced the launch of its New Hope Colony Artist Residency for international artists pursuing creative and professional growth. For its inaugural residency, also known as The First Ten, the foundation formed the Artist Residency Council (ARC) composed of renowned female artists and creatives including architect Deborah Berke; visual artists Marilyn Minter and Miya Ando; furniture maker Mira Nakashima; filmmaker DeMane Davis; gallerist Leila Heller; sculptor Malene Barnett; and stage, television, and film director Liesl Tommy. These ARC members will select 10 diverse, multi-disciplinary female artists to have the honor of forming the first cohort.

All fellows are awarded stipends to offer the freedom to pursue new work without the financial pressures and limitations of daily lives, within a community of peers and among others focused on their artistic growth. Unique to this artist residency is the mentoring program whereby each fellow will be invited to seek a mentor of their choice to provide artistic feedback and encouragement throughout the four-week program, which will also combine career and business development coaching.

This creative and professional ecosystem will offer serious artists working across a wide range of disciplines a robust, incubator-like environment. A second artist residency is slated for Summer 2021 and will include men and women candidates with additions to the ARC advisory council for nominations.

The original New Hope Colony was founded as an artist residency almost 100 years ago by Pennsylvania Impressionists William Lathrop, Edward Redfield, and Daniel Garber. They were joined by the architect/artist Morgan Colt, who built the iconic English Tudor village in New Hope, Pa. 

Though the first four-week residency in April 2021 will be virtual, ultimately, the artists will reside in the restored historic English Village at Phillips Mill on the New Hope Colony’s grounds seated halfway between New York City and Philadelphia. Once a haven for artists seeking refuge, beauty, community and inspiration, the rehabilitated and modernized English village will be an ideal setting for reflection, wandering, and focus.

Formed in 2018, the nonprofit Phillips Mill Foundation for the Arts has initiated a $35 million fundraising campaign to restore, preserve, and reinstate the New Hope Colony buildings and grounds as an international destination for artists and the public to engage, learn and grow, as the founders before them, in this magical place by the Delaware River.  

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