July 8, 2020

Big Variety of Fitness Classes and Events Offered By Popular Forever Hart Fit Studio

RIDE IN STYLE: “People love getting on a bike. All our bike classes are currently outside, and cyclists of every ability come and have fun. They also love our pink and white bikes,” says Cassandra Orson, owner and founder of Forever Hart Fit, located at Route 130 in Robbinsville. Shown is a group enjoying the favorite FHF Cycle Fit class.

By Jean Stratton

“Our goal is to help you to be the best version of YOU!”

Cassandra Orson, owner and founder of Forever Hart Fit (FHF), loves what she does. Helping her clients become fit while having fun within a warm, welcoming atmosphere is her priority.

“We are set apart from other fitness facilities,” she believes. “We’re a lifestyle, not a gym. We have chandeliers and crystal accessories. It’s a boutique feel, and we totally emphasize the highest levels of cleanliness in every way.”

Established three years ago, Forever Hart Fit has a unique story, and is a reflection of how sometimes a positive result can unexpectedly emerge from a tragedy.

Predominantly Pink

“I had lost my baby son Hart, and the studio is in his memory, and named for him,”  explains Orson. “I will hold the love and inspiration of my child forever in my heart, and this strength, growth, and love that has been created with the studio is something I want to share as my mission with you.”

Located at 1179 Route 130 North, Unit 2, in Robbinsville, the studio is indeed unlike other fitness facilities. Its decor, with a prominent pink presence, is inviting, especially to the predominantly female clientele. Its stylish chandeliers and crystal accessories are not seen in many fitness establishments.

The focus on a warm, welcoming atmosphere for everyone, along with a positive flow of energy, is reported by many clients on numerous avenues of social media and via word-of-mouth. Positive reviews for FHF abound.

Orson’s strong interest in fitness and personal training helped her go forward with this new adventure. And her previous background in interior design and the boutique hotel industry, and her strong focus on business, enabled her to establish a viable, flourishing operation.

In addition, she became certified in Zumba and Zumba Gold, and teaches cycling, barre, kick box, strength training, and kids classes. She personally teaches 20 different classes each week.

Keeping a positive attitude has been especially important — and challenging — during the time and trial of the coronavirus, and Orson has worked hard to ensure that her customers remain focused. Furthermore, it is well known that exercise can help to improve both physical and mental well-being.

Best Version

“We believe that a positive environment can really help make you the best version of yourself, and to encourage that, we focus on fun workouts and pop-up activities for a variety of age groups and fitness levels. We have 20 instructors and 50 different classes, and you certainly won’t be bored at FHF!”

All shapes, sizes, and ages feel comfortable at the studio, she emphasizes. “All levels and abilities are welcome, and we have classes  — both virtual and in-person — for every level. Our focus is on one-on-one personal training and small group training (5 to 10 per group). We can challenge every age group and level in every class. Even under the adverse conditions of today, with the virus, our members are happy when they come here. They feel good about what they can achieve in class.”

When she moved to the current location this March, Orson immediately focused on virtual classes, which have become very popular, and include a wide following — as far away as Indiana and New Hampshire, as well as nearby locations.

“We offer very personal attention whether it’s the virtual or in-person classes, and our clients appreciate this,” she reports. “The virtual capacity has added a whole new level to our business.”

Now that state restrictions are easing on business openings, in addition to virtual classes, FHF is offering outdoor classes, with the proper 6-foot social distancing. One-on-one personal training sessions are available inside the studio.

Sessions are 45 minutes to an hour, and more than 50 different classes are offered.

Yoga At The Barre

“Our hybrid class with yoga at the barre, plus meditation is very popular,” she adds. “We also have dance classes and a very special high-end sprung dance floor. It has 75 percent less shock waves than other wood dance floors.”

She emphasizes that the 20 instructors at FHF are among the most experienced in the area. “All our instructors teach more than one type of class. I have surrounded myself with people who are very knowledgeable and experienced.”

Among the many classes available are cycling, including the very popular FHF Cycle Fit, yoga, six different barre classes (including ballet barre), jazz pilates, Zumba, dance fusion and toning, cardio dance, cardio kick box, hip hop, Total ABs, cardio sculpt, tone and sculpt, FHF Bollywood cardio mix, and many, many more.

In addition, the series of Kids’ Classes (ages 5 to 12) offers FHF Kids Hip Hop, FHF Fit Kids, FHF Hula Hoop Fit 4 Kids, Zumba Kids, and FHÏ Kids Yoga.

When the studio is fully open inside, children’s  birthday parties will also be available as well as adult events, such as Dance Night For Ladies.

Classes are held throughout the day and evening, and to beat the heat, early morning (7 a.m.) and sunset evening classes are especially popular.

Monthly Memberships

FHF is a membership facility with monthly memberships available at $105, featuring unlimited classes. A special introductory membership for new clients offers 30 days at $49, with unlimited classes.

Current FHF members are from the area, including Robbinsville, Princeton Junction, East and West Windsor, and Princeton. “It’s a really easy drive from Princeton, just down Route 130 and only takes about 15 minutes. We look forward to welcoming more Princeton clients,” notes Orson.

“We are working on adding the finishing touches to the studio, and really look forward to being completely open when the state regulations permit that. In the meantime, we invite everyone to enjoy our outdoor classes, our virtual sessions, and our one-on-one personal training.

“We also offer fun accessories and products, all with our FHF logo, including T-shirts, hats, face masks, water bottles (resembling vintage milk bottles), and wine holders.”

Not only have clients thrived under the FHF training program, Cassandra Orson says it has made an important difference in her own life. “I love the instructing. Teaching and having the studio has given me more energy. I can’t wait to come here every day!”

“I am so encouraged. We have so many clients, and keep getting new ones. They know I am here for them, and that I am here to stay.”

“We really believe we are set apart, and we constantly have you, our client, in mind,” she continued. “Our vision is that fitness is for everyone, and our studio expresses that belief. We have a low-pressure vibe that reflects friendliness, warmth and respect for our members and for our team. Together, we build a strong community that becomes a fitness
family, as we help you achieve health, wellness, and happiness, and reach and exceed your goals.”

Forever Hart Fit can be reached via email at hello@foreverhartfit.com and also at the studio’s website: www.foreverhartfit.com.