July 1, 2020

Supporting Fraga and Cohen to Continue Hard Work in Difficult Times

To the Editor:

David Cohen and Leticia Fraga deserve your support for re-election to Princeton Council. I have known them both for more than 12 years and admired their efforts on behalf of Princeton.

David brings his skills as an architect to his civic advocacy for Princeton.  He supports smart growth and has made it his special portfolio to work with many groups of contrasting points of view to seek consensus. It is challenging to plan for a town that we would like to be and not default to the town we were in the 1970s – but David brings his intelligence, passion, and hard work to the table every day in order to envision a safer, more equitable, more sustainable and beautiful Princeton. David has also shown his dedication to the cause of Princeton’s seniors and to advancing a more equitable relationship with Princeton University through his work on the local issues committee of the PCDO.

Leticia has shone with special distinction in her focus on Human Rights and the needs of those underserved in the Princeton community. She has served on the Human Services Commission and the Civil Rights Commission and the Board of Health covering a trifecta of groups dedicated to improving the daily lives of every Princetonian. She envisions a Princeton that is more equitable, more accessible, and a town of grace and civility that elevates our hopes and aspirations to the highest level.

We need them both to continue their hard work in the difficult times ahead – we are pressed by the obligations of the affordable housing court settlement; stretched by the raging unpredictability of COVID-19 and pinched by a coming budget squeeze. At a time like this, their experience matters, please support their re-election on July 7.

Kevin Wilkes
Lake Drive