May 20, 2020

Expressing Need for Accurate Data On Energy Source, Cost, Availability

To the Editor:
Recent letters critical of Council action on a future source of energy for all Princetonians do not provide the kind of information needed to make the right decisions. What appears to be missing is accurate data on where renewable energy will come from, how much it will cost, and how much will be available over a period of time.

We know gas and nuclear power plants supply 94 percent of the electricity used in our state. Measuring the amount of energy used per person over a long period of time, say five years, can provide a rate of consumption for calculating future energy needs. That figure can be used to estimate how much energy must be generated in the future.

How much of it will be renewable, where will it come from, and how long will it be available? The flow of energy over time and space can be shown and configured in such a way by physicists as to provide a profile of New Jersey’s energy future. Data obtained can be scientifically verified. Decisions to be made will be closer to the truth and less controversial – maybe.

Louis Slee
Spruce Street