May 1, 2020

NJ COVID-19 Cases Continue Rise, But Trend Lines Moving in Right Direction

By Donald Gilpin

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced today, May 1, an additional 2,651 positive tests and 311 COVID-19-related deaths in the state reported in the past 24 hours, bringing the totals to at least 121,190 cases and 7,538 deaths.

On a positive note, Murphy, in his daily coronavirus press briefing from Trenton, pointed out a continuing decline in numbers of hospitalizations and a slowing of the rate of infection. He emphasized that the trend lines are moving in the right direction and that this weekend, as parks and golf courses are set to open, with restrictions, will be a test to see if the state can continue to move forward in overcoming the virus spread. He warned that parks and golf courses will be closed again if people do not practice sufficient social distancing.

As of Thursday evening, there were 5,972 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in New Jersey, 1,724 in critical or intensive care, and 1,286 on ventilators.

Murphy announced Thursday that the federal government is sending 550,000 coronavirus testing kits to New Jersey, which will allow the state to double its daily testing and fulfill one of Murphy’s key stipulations for the “Road Back” to recovery.

On April 29 the Princeton Health Department announced a ninth Covid-19-related death in Princeton, a male in his 90s. This was the fifth death from COVID-19 complications of a Princeton Care Center (PCC) resident.  PCC has 30 confirmed COVID-19 cases, while Acorn Glen assisted care facility has 13 confirmed cases and one COVID-19-related death, according to the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH). The PHD continues to maintain daily contact with the local health care facilities to assist with the ongoing outbreak response.

The PHD reported a total of 116 COVID-19 cases in Princeton, as of April 30, with 47 active cases in isolation, and 60 cases that have recovered.

Princeton University’s Health Services, as of April 29, reported they are aware of a total of 48 students, three on campus and 45 off campus, who have tested positive for COVID-19, and 35 employees who have tested positive.

The NJDOH reported today, May 1, 4,077 Mercer County residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 and 239 COVID-19-related deaths in the county.

Because coronavirus testing is backed up several days and the state is testing only symptomatic residents, the actual numbers of COVID-19 infections probably far surpass those confirmed case numbers.

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