April 22, 2020

Princeton Community Renewable Energy Program a “Win-Win for Us All”

To the Editor:

Princeton is taking a great step forward in reducing its impact on the planet through the new Princeton Community Renewable Energy program. This program is a win-win for us all as it will increase demand for supply from regional renewable sources such as wind turbines, hydropower, and solar arrays and will save us each a few dollars. One of the most exciting aspects of this particular program is its regional renewable supply lessening the use of fossil fuels by an expected 50 percent. This means that we are helping to improve regional air quality, create green jobs and other environmental benefits here in our region.

I was initially concerned about how the program would impact power delivery during power outages or when demand peaks on really hot summer days. After learning more, I understand that this program will not change our power delivery. PSE&G will continue to maintain our electric wires and deliver power to our homes. We will still receive only one bill from PSE&G and all of their programs such as bank autopay and “Worry Free” appliance services will continue.

I am excited about this Princeton municipal program and the progress it represents for promoting renewable energy. I hope this serves as a model for other communities, some of which are already onboard in various stages, and that other towns join us in taking this step forward.

With Earth Day on April 22, I understand that Sustainable Princeton will be presenting more (virtual – Zoom) information on this laudable program. We will benefit as a community and be a good model for others.

Grace Sinden
Ridgeview Circle