April 22, 2020

Former Princeton Borough Mayor Supports Freda As Next Town Mayor

To the Editor:

I write this letter to show my total support for Mark Freda as the next mayor of Princeton. I support Mark because I know him to be one of the most dedicated and responsible people I have met; one who has demonstrated throughout most of his life his love and devotion to Princeton — as evidenced by the service he has given while a member of the Princeton Fire Department and the Princeton First Aid Squad — all without any sign of grandiosity. Some of you may not know him, but there is a good chance that he knows you because of some helpful service he has given.

I know of which I speak when I say that Mark is the best person for this job because I had the opportunity to work very closely with Mark for 13 years when we both served on Princeton Borough Council. I saw up close his ability to work with others during our many “back and forth” discussions when important decisions had to be made based on what was in the best interest of Princeton Borough; I witnessed his ability to lead without force or offending others when I was fire commissioner and he was very active in the Fire Department; I know that he has the steady hand when reacting to situations before they become out of control; and I know him to be a man of few words who delivers lots of positive action. These are qualities that one can appreciate from their leaders.

Mark is committed to making Princeton the best it can be for all of us. I hope you will join me and support him as our next mayor of Princeton.

Mildred T. Trotman
Witherspoon Street