April 15, 2020

Sustainable Princeton Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

To the Editor:

Next Wednesday, April 22 marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, and this year’s theme is climate action. Similar to the current COVID-19 crisis, climate change affects everyone and disproportionately affects our most vulnerable community members. Tackling this problem takes commitment on many fronts. Governments, schools, businesses, nonprofits, and individuals all have a role to play. No individual or group of individuals can solve climate change on their own.

It is an enormous challenge but one that Princeton can overcome, especially if we face it together. There are 17 Princeton Climate Action Plan actions underway with numerous groups contributing to their progress. Actions include the Princeton Community Renewable Energy program. The program is a result of the municipality, Environmental Commission, and Sustainable Princeton working together to launch a program that offers residents a lower cost of electricity while also increasing demand for renewable energy and pushing our region to invest in more renewable energy. It also helps improve regional air quality and spur the creation of green jobs. Other actions are happening from the ground-up like our Sustainable Together And Resilient (STAR) Neighborhoods program. To date, eight neighborhoods have made a commitment and taken action to reduce their carbon footprint.

There is still a lot to accomplish and a lot we learn from the COVID-19 crisis to better prepare our community to withstand the impacts of climate change. We have great hope that our community can emerge from our current challenge in a way that makes Princeton a more resilient, sustainable, and equitable community.

Sustainable Princeton Staff