April 1, 2020

ActorsNET Shares Video of “Mrs. Warren’s Profession”

THE SHOW MUST GO ON: Carol Thompson and Lea Jeffers star in ActorsNET’s March production of “Mrs. Warren’s Profession.” The play, which was scheduled open in Buck County, Pa., on March 13 and was postponed, can now be accessed free of charge on YouTube above.

In keeping with the tradition “the show must go on,” ActorsNET has released on YouTube a video of its March production of George Bernard Shaw’s Mrs. Warren’s Profession.

“ActorsNET has postponed or canceled all presentations planned for the immediate future, at least through July, to protect actors, staff, and patrons from the dangers of COVID-19. At the time of postponement, Mrs. Warren’s Profession was to open the next day, March 13,” Said Artistic Director Cheryl Doyle. “Days later, before Governor Wolf extended his shutdown to Bucks County, the cast and crew assembled at The Heritage Center to film our production. Although no audience was present, professional videographer Tom Smith of Direct-A-Friend Pictures recorded it just as audiences would have seen it.”

Doyle continued, “We’re proud to join other theatrical organizations companies — ranging from the Metropolitan Opera to Britain’s National Theatre and smaller venues around this country — who are providing free online entertainment for the public. The full-length video of our Mrs. Warren’s Profession can be accessed free of charge at https://youtu.be/Op633H4dA8U on YouTube.”

The play by George Bernard Shaw deals with social justice and women’s rights.

“ActorsNET favorites Carol Thompson and her husband George Hartpence play bawdy Mrs. Warren and her smarmy silent partner, Sir George Crofts,” said Doyle. “Lea Jeffers, in her ActorsNET debut, costars as Vivie. Rounding out the cast of eccentric characters are George Agalias as Reverend Gardner; Justin Mancini as young Frank Gardner, who wants to marry Vivie; and Rick Pine as art and poetry-loving Mr. Praed.

Doyle noted that small artistic organizations like ActorsNET rely primarily on ticket sales for revenue, and said anyone wishing to help the company stay afloat during the pandemic can go to www.actorsnetbuck.org and click the Donate button, or send a check to Actors Net, 635 N. Delmorr Avenue, Morrisville, PA 19067. Donations are tax deductible. For more information, call (215) 295-3694.