March 25, 2020

Extending Thanks to Public Works Department for New Signs, Rail

To the Editor:

At the last two monthly meetings of the Princeton Bicycle Advisory Committee, I brought up the need for some missing street signs and a guide rail to be installed. Those signs mentioned were: a four-way intersection sign on Jefferson Road going downhill before the Terhune Road intersection; a stop ahead sign on Herrontown Road going towards River Road; a three-way intersection sign on Mt. Lucas Road going north before Poor Farm Road; replace the three-way intersection sign that mysteriously disappeared on Mt. Lucas Road going south before Poor Farm Road; a guide rail on Mt. Lucas Road going north between Campbell Woods and Poor Farm to prevent drivers and cyclists from landing in the ditch; and perhaps a controversial sign — a no left turn sign from Ewing Street onto State Road during rush hours.

Town Engineer Deanna Stockton was able to help my, make that everyone’s, cause by addressing these concerns with the Department of Public Works (DPW). The first three signs mentioned were installed in less than two weeks! I feel overjoyed by the promptness of the DPW to my request.

The term Vision Zero is now a part of everyday conversation among planers, engineers, police officers, and government officials. It refers to improving the conditions on the roads so that there will be less likelihood of accidents taking place instead of trying to change the behavior of the drivers.  When the road conditions improve, there will be less likelihood of drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians being the victims of accidents.

Now if only NJDOT would support the recommendations of Ms. Stockton and Montgomery’s engineer to fix the intersection of Route 206 at Cherry Valley Road/Princeton Avenue.

Accidents are not inevitable unless no steps to improve road conditions are taken. The DPW understands what I am talking about and I want to thank them again for proceeding so rapidly to remedy the problems referred to. I want to encourage your readership to contact Town Hall if you either agree that the other actions requested are needed to improve public safety, or you know about situations that I am unaware of that need remediation.

Dan Rappoport