March 23, 2020

Governor Announces 935 New Coronavirus Cases in New Jersey

By Donald Gilpin

With 935 new cases announced today, March 23, New Jersey now has 2,844 COVID-19 cases, the second highest total in the nation. Governor Phil Murphy also reported seven new deaths today for a total of 27 deaths in the state.  Health officials expect the numbers to continue to climb rapidly as testing expands and the spread accelerates. New York State has the most cases in the country with more than 20,000.

The Princeton Health Department (PHD) on Sunday night reported a total of nine confirmed cases, with 12 negative test results.  “We have documented several instances of community exposure,” the PHD stated. “We must presume there is some possibility for exposure in ANY community situation, and protect ourselves accordingly.”

The PHD noted that with expanded testing through many different testing facilities throughout the region, precise case counts for Princeton may not be available. “While our ability to keep a precise tally will be impossible, it will also be less important,” the PHD report stated. “Instead we will continue to investigate and highlight the most critical exposures and disease events that happen in our community, allowing us to offer specific information on where individuals may have been exposed, and what actions they can take to take care of themselves and protect others they may come in contact with.”

The PHD continues to call for individuals to exercise basic infection control on a daily basis by staying home and practicing social distancing; self-isolating when sick; washing hands often with soap and water; avoiding touching eyes, nose, and mouth; cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces; and covering coughs or sneezes with a tissue, then throwing the tissue in the trash.

Mercer County reported a total of 50 positive tests, more than double the 22 cases documented on Friday.

At Princeton University, where most students have returned home and remote classes began today, Princeton University Health Services reported Sunday that they are aware of 36 students who have been tested for COVID-19, six tested on campus and 30 tested elsewhere.  Of those tested on campus, one student tested positive and remains in isolation while receiving appropriate treatment; one student tested negative and has gone home; and four students are awaiting test results and remain in isolation.

Of the students tested off campus, four tested positive and are receiving appropriate treatment; four tested negative; and 22 are still pending.

Seventeen Princeton University employees have been tested, with 10 testing positive, now in their respective homes in self-isolation receiving appropriate treatment; three having tested negative; and four tests still pending.

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