February 12, 2020

Community Participation Encouraged For Planning Future of PPS

To the Editor:

We are writing as parents, as engaged community members, as former Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) presidents, and as current leaders of the PTO Council.

Princeton Public Schools (PPS) are, and should be, a source of pride; but our school district faces significant immediate and long-term challenges related to rising enrollment and aging facilities. The PPS administration and Board of Education are committed to working with all sectors of the community to design a plan for current and future growth. We know from experience that the most successful solutions include input from the community as a whole. We encourage everyone in Princeton to engage in these critical conversations over the next several months to understand the challenges and to provide feedback and ideas.

A high level of community participation will help ensure that we, as a town, can come to a solution that will benefit Princeton’s children for years to come. For more information, visit www.princetonk12.org/district/future-planning.

Milena Deluca, Mara Franceschi, Jennifer Jang, Trish Ryan, Christina Walden
PPS PTOC Executive Board