January 8, 2020

Mark Allen Natale Exhibit at Small World

“WHITE HORSE FARM”: Recent paintings by Mark Allen Natale are on view through February 4 at Small World Coffee, 254 Nassau Street. In this exhibit, Natale pays homage to nostalgia, with oil paintings of landscapes and objects representing times passed.

An exhibition of recent paintings by Mark Allen Natale is now on view at Small World Coffee, 254 Nassau Street. The show features detailed oil paintings of landscapes and objects that represent times passed. An opening reception is January 11, and the exhibition runs through February 4.

In this exhibition, Natale pays homage to nostalgia. Old buildings, roadside signage, and objects that have a direct connection to feel-good memories are represented in meticulous detail. The subjects of Natale’s paintings are in stark contrast with today’s fast paced, impermanent, technology-driven world, where the flick of a thumb swipes away images just as quickly as they appeared.

Instead, Natale’s compositions show things that stood the test of time and were built by hand using traditional tools and skills. His images are powerful; yet embody a quiet solitude.

Several paintings on display are from his “White Horse Pike” series. These paintings show roadside landmarks that can be found along Route 30 (aka White Horse Pike), a historic highway that slices through South Jersey and for many years served as the main artery connecting Atlantic City to Philadelphia.

“This road has a lot of history for me and my family,” says Natale. “In the 1930s, my great-grandparents owned and operated a service station/cafe on the White Horse Pike. As time passed, family members spread out and settled in other towns along the Pike, and to this day it continues to serve as the main road to get to family, friends, and other destinations.”

For more information, visit smallworldcoffee.com/art-shows and marknatale.com.