December 4, 2019

Sustainable Princeton “Takes Action” With New Logo, Website, Initiatives

By Donald Gilpin

“Take Action” is a tab on the navigation bar of Sustainable Princeton’s (SP) new website, where science-based information provides advice on everyday decisions, and SP has been taking action with an increased sense of urgency on several fronts in the battle against climate change.

“We are excited about our new website and visual identity,” said SP Executive Director Molly Jones. “The new logo embodies the urgency of our work, recognizing that sustainability can no longer be a nice-to-have, but is a requirement for a healthy and vibrant future. We are also delighted that the new website expands fulfillment of our mission by serving as a key resource hub for guidance on sustainable living. While much of the content provides helpful tips for residents of any town, the guidance is specifically focused on community members living in the municipality of Princeton.”

The new logo is a simple, streamlined “Sustainable Princeton” in block letters followed by a large period. Their new tagline is “Leading Community Change.”

“Addressing climate change is non-negotiable,” said Jones. “Our new logo drives home the point that sustainability is an urgent necessity. Princeton needs to be a green community. Period.”

Citing SP’s hopes of “reaching, empowering, and inspiring site visitors to personally act,” Jones continued, “We perceive the need for our organization is to be driving climate action forward and “Leading Community Change.”

“Shrink Your Footprint”

On Wednesday, December 4 at 7 p.m. in the Princeton Public Library (PPL), “Shrink Your Footprint: On the Go,” featuring a panel of experts on transportation options, will be the second of flour programs in SP’s 2019-20 Great Ideas series, which is focused on practical, actionable, and evidence-based steps to reduce the footprint of our daily lives.

“If you are concerned about the climate, it is time to embrace alternatives to single-person driven vehicles, particularly for in-town trips,” said Jones. “Transportation represents roughly 30 percent of the Princeton community’s greenhouse gas emissions, so it presents a great opportunity to reduce your personal carbon footprint.”

The “Shrink Your Footprint” series will continue in the PPL on February 5, 2020 with a session on “What you Buy” and on April 1 with “On Your Plate.”

The “Take Action” tab on the new website answers such questions as “How can I make my home more energy efficient and save money?” “What native plants should I include in my yard to support the local eco-system?” and “Where can I recycle my plastic bags?” — all under six different categories: Your Home, Transportation, Purchases, Waste, Yard, and Get Ready.

“The new website provides a host of new resources to serve as a guide for sustainability living,” Jones said. “The intricacies of determining the most sustainable approach to daily decisions can be challenging, so the new site offers a comprehensive collection of well-organized resources to help.”

Jones noted that SP would be promoting the Take Action resources “in small chunks so they are consumable and easy for community members to consider changing in their daily lives.” SP’s initiatives are based on the Princeton Climate Action Plan, approved in July 2019, with the overall goal of reducing 2010 emissions by 50 percent by 2030.

SP’s rebranding and new website were the result of a collaborative effort by SP’s board members, staff, and communications consultant Ellen Malavsky, along with local partners Smith + Manning Design and Howard Design Group.

SP, a nonprofit organization founded in 2012, encourages visits to its website at to sign up for SP’s mailing list to receive sustainable living tips and information on upcoming events.

“There is still much to be done, but Sustainable Princeton’s new website is a great step to help move us all in the right direction,” Jones added.