October 30, 2019

Calling for Big Turnout For Zwicker and Freiman

To the Editor:

On Tuesday November 5, Princetonians will have a chance to vote not only for candidates running for town Council and School Board but also for members of our state assembly. Our two incumbents here in the 16th State Legislative District, Democrats Andrew Zwicker and Roy Freiman, are both terrific candidates who deserve reelection and who need a massive show of Democratic strength here to counter Republican strength in other areas of the district. I know that many of us worked hard in the recent 2018 congressional elections and many plan to work hard again in 2020, but I’d like to point out that state legislative races matter too and deserve your attention and commitment.

Voting is a key step but it is also not enough; the campaign needs boots on the ground as well, and two of those boots (or sneakers) can be yours. If you’re motivated by the scandals plaguing the current administration in Washington and want to do something to “stop Trump,” this is your chance in 2019; a big show of Democratic strength, which includes maintaining or increasing the number of Democrats in the legislature, will send a message to Washington. If you’re motivated by the prospect of reelecting two very smart, hard working, and practical Assembly members whose commitment to core Democratic values (endorsed by the Sierra Club and Planned Parenthood) has been clearly demonstrated during their years in office, this is your chance to endorse those values. Please remember that you don’t have to sit this one out waiting for 2020!

Zwicker-Freiman Campaign Headquarters are at 45 State Road (206) right here in Princeton or call (908) 963-7709 to sign up to help out in the final week of the campaign.

Eve Niedergang
Forester Drive

The signer is writing in her capacity as an individual resident and not as a member of Council.