October 30, 2019

Bierman’s Knowledge of Princeton Life Makes Him Valuable Resource for Council

To the Editor:

Election day is rapidly approaching and it is important that everyone votes. This year, besides the candidates advanced by the Princeton Democratic Organization, an Independent Democrat is running for a Council seat. This is significant because the issues facing our community are best  understood and resolved when there can be a free flow of ideas for solutions, from a variety of sources, not only from the one group of Democrats who have governed our city for years.

Adam Bierman has lived in Princeton for over 50 years. He attended Princeton Public Schools K-12 and received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Rutgers while still living in Princeton. He then embarked on a teaching career in New Jersey, still living in Princeton. Over these many years he has become knowledgeable about most aspects of the city, including the public school system, Princeton University, and the offices of our municipal government. Prior to this campaign he hosted small gatherings in his home, giving neighbors and other friends an opportunity to share ideas and discuss updates of topics of mutual interest.

During the months leading up to Election Day he has relentlessly attempted to ring every doorbell and engage our citizens in discussions about their individual concerns and interests, Many weekends he has spent near the library trying to meet people and give them the opportunity to educate him about what concerns them and how they believe solutions can be found for our problems. As important, he has also identified what people like and want to preserve in times of scarce resources. He has an immense knowledge of what some call the trivia of everyday Princeton life. What he has learned has made him a valuable resource for municipal government.

Voters, please consider how important each election is and vote for Adam Bierman for Municipal Council.

Robert H. Bierman, M.D.
Grover Avenue