October 23, 2019

Jewish Center Expresses Thanks to Princeton Police

To the Editor:

As a representative of the Jewish community of Princeton, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. According to our tradition, the world was created 5,780 years ago and we have just celebrated two major holidays to mark this time in our calendar. Both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are unique days that include rituals and prayers — apples with honey and casting away our sins of the past as we move into the future. Among the prayers that we recited at The Jewish Center this year was a special prayer for our country and our community when I acknowledged both the challenges of anti-Semitism and the gratitude we have for those who support us as we fight against these and other acts of hatred. We are proud to be a part of a greater community that accepts us for who we are and that allows us to worship and come together for special occasions. We know we have many friends and allies in this community and we appreciate the support and partnership with so many of you who stand with us.

There is one group of people who have gone above and beyond to help us at The Jewish Center and I want to publicly thank them. I am referring to Chief Nicholas Sutter and the members of the Princeton Police Force. These men and women work so hard every day to keep us all safe and comfortable and we all owe them so much gratitude. When we came together as a congregation for our recent holidays, many Princeton Police officers were with us to help us address our security concerns and to make sure everything went smoothly. Whenever we had a question or concern before the holidays, we received quick and professional responses from the officers. As our congregation came together in large numbers for the holiday services, the officers who were with us did their job with warmth, kindness and a high level of professionalism and care.

In my years in Princeton, it has been my privilege to get to know many Princeton Police officers on a personal basis and each time I speak with an officer, I am impressed with their warmth and caring nature. They all care so much about doing their job well and helping as many people as possible in our greater community.

Last year, when there was an attack at the synagogue in Pittsburgh, Chief Sutter contacted me right away to make sure we were all safe in our synagogue and to offer any assistance he and his officers could give us going forward. I am a bit sad to tell you that we needed his help but I am also quite grateful to have the friends and allies in the Princeton Police Force to help us every day of the year.

Thank you Chief Sutter and everyone connected to our Princeton Police.

Rabbi Adam Feldman
The Jewish Center
Nassau Street