October 23, 2019

Bronfeld Understands the Need To Be Fiscally Responsible

To the Editor:

We support Debbie Bronfeld for the Princeton Public Schools Board of Education. Knowing her over the years, we’ve seen how she has demonstrated her passion for inclusive public education at PPS where we live to learn and learn to live. Debbie’s focus is on providing services and programs to every student, along with support for our teachers and staff. She is fully immersed in the process, reading the materials and asking questions of the stakeholders. We especially appreciate Debbie’s perspective on wellness and her ability to understand the need to be fiscally responsible, wanting to be sure our tax dollars drive student performance and teacher professional development. She gets it…it’s all about the schools!

Debbie is an avid supporter of all programs and proposals that are fiscally responsible. Where she believes the request will waste taxpayer money or where student and teachers will not benefit, she will vote no. Check her record! With Debbie on the Board, our tax money has a steward with an eye on how public education benefits our community and our future. Debbie participated on the finance committee that recommended solutions to manage increasing health care costs, but instead the Board voted to increase the tax levy by almost $500,000. Keeping the school’s community in mind, she has asked for a technology plan versus approving piecemeal technology investments. The December referendum allowed for facility and building upgrades in our schools. Debbie did not approve the contractor’s bid that the board approved, which was not only over budget but resulted in Riverside opening a day late. And finally, she voted against hiring a consultant to work on a feasibility study for harmonizing resources between the school and the town. She believes that our town and Board don’t need to pay $30K, as that is part of the committee’s responsibility.

Looking forward, Debbie will focus on the budget, student climate and culture, and facilities. Having her on the Board, she brings experience in both corporate America and not-for-profit organizations. This breadth of experience informs her view on how we can stay within our means, provide a fantastic experience for all students, and be responsible for maintaining and improving the historic integrity of our facilities while offering a modern educational experience for students, teachers, and staff. We support Debbie!

Diana and Scott Cano
Mountain Road

Marisabel Fernandez
Herrontown Circle

Ifat and Ido Shatzky
Grover Road

Jeanette & Michael Timmons
Humbert Street