October 16, 2019

Resident of PC Village Voting For Bierman After “A Real Conversation”

To the Editor:

I’m a 14-year resident of Princeton Community Village, the oldest and largest of Princeton’s subsidized housing developments. One day, I found myself unexpectedly chatting with Adam Bierman, who explained that he was running for a Princeton Council seat. This was my first such encounter in the Village, which is located off the beaten path. It showed savvy to want to reach so many potential voters, but, more meaningfully, his coming out to meet me and my neighbors showed an awareness, sensitivity, and genuine concern for a less affluent population that might be otherwise overlooked. I was further impressed that he and I had a real conversation. He didn’t just want to tell me to vote for him and quickly move on, he listened carefully to what I had to say. He had my vote.

As a lifelong resident of Princeton, Adam lives his life embracing the spirit of a place that takes great pride as a center of learning. In Adam’s case, I particularly mean two things: valuing the ability to think for oneself, and using what you learn as a call to action. As an Independent Democrat, Adam Bierman would be an outstanding addition to the Princeton Council. He has insights into every aspect of life here. His commitment to all the people of Princeton is without question.

Erica Mosner
Princeton Community Village