October 16, 2019

Greg Stankiewicz and Susan Kanter Passionate About Equity, Inclusion

To the Editor:

We very strongly endorse Greg Stankiewicz and Susan Kanter for election to the Princeton Board of Education.

Greg and Susan have the commitment, personalities, and work ethic to continue to make our schools more equitable and inclusive. Both of them are passionate about these issues and have worked tirelessly to improve our public schools for every child.

This commitment to equity is reflected in the experiences of our students of color and low income. We work with many of these students in our organization Committed and Faithful Princetonians, and we believe they are graduating high school and going to college much better prepared and likely to succeed than in the past.

We have to make sure that Princeton Public Schools are not just for some, but FOR ALL OF OUR CHILDREN. To accomplish that, we need School Board members who will battle for our kids and work as a team to problem solve. That is why we so strongly support the election of Greg and Susan.

Fern and Larry Spruill
Oak Lane