October 16, 2019

Former Township Mayor Says Lambros Offers Fresh Ideas

To the Editor:

The recent defeat of the incumbent in June’s primary should be a wake up call to the mayor and Council, that there is a need for fresh ideas and new leadership.

Michelle Pirone Lambros is not only critical of the way major projects are being handled, such as the new parking meter implementation and the relocation of the fueling station, she is working on solutions. For instance, with the parking meters, she helped get the meter rates lowered from $2.25 per hour to $1.75, and the length of parking times from 2 to 3 hours in the central business district. Some other improvements, such as adding back the 10-minute grace period, were ideas she helped broker between the merchants who were so adversely affected by the rate increase during the 2018 holiday season and the town, which relies on parking revenue in the municipal budget.

Michelle is already working on a number of other projects to help make our town more “business friendly” by streamlining processes for businesses to get open quicker and with less costs upfront.  She believes a healthy downtown helps offset the residential tax burden.

These are just a few examples of how she is already engaged with various committees to help create solutions and have a better managed approach to large scale projects.

Once on Council, she plans to improve communication between the Council and the community and to put better processes in place.

The election isn’t over yet…Michelle still needs your vote to win in the general election November 5. Please join me in voting for her.

Phyllis Marchand
Montadale Drive